Our topic for the Summer Term is 'Reach for the Sky'.



Welcome to Redwood Class


Welcome to our Redwood Class page.

Our teacher is Mrs Beverly Burnett and our Learning Support Assistants are Mrs Sue Ingarfill and Mrs Lin Maunders. There are 29 Year 4s in our class

In Redwood Class we recognise that as we grow older it is important to take responsibility for our learning, behaviour and belongings. We earn golden time cards for good effort, achievement, and demonstrating a helpful and caring attitude. We enjoy learning about topics that help us develop a better understanding of our locality and the world. We begin to understand the impact that people in the past and historical events have had on the way we live today. All of us have the opportunity to learn French.

The Year 4’s do a lot of the ’jobs’ in the school like collecting the dinner registers and ringing the bell. The jobs change every half term so that almost everyone has a chance to try most tasks.

 In March we attend a special day for first school leavers at Wells Cathedral which is always an enjoyable occasion. Each year there is a residential trip for Year 4 and once again this year we are going to Charterhouse where there are lots of exciting activities to try.

At the end of the day, we also take time to share our class prayer.


Hear us pray,

 Thank you for our happy day,

For the friendships that we share,

And for all your loving care.




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Wishing you all a happy and sunny Summer holiday!

Thank you for your support throughout this year.


Beverly Burnett

















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