This term our topic is, Animal Antics.


Welcome to Willow Class


Welcome to Willow Class!

Our teacher is Mrs Bissett and she is helped by Mrs Fortune and Mr Robertson.  We have Reception and Year 1 children in our class.

We have class jobs every day and enjoy listening to the Speaker of the Day. In our class we are good at listening to each others ideas, working together and  showing resilience. 

At the end of the day, we  take time to share our class prayer.

Now our day in school is done,

We say goodbye to everyone,

Keep us safe from harm we pray,

 Until we meet another day.






 Class Newsletter


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This term our topic is 'Animal Antics'.

We will be finding out about different types of animals in science and classifying them into groups. During our lessons we will find out about their habitats,what they need to survive and where they live in the world.

In Willow Class we have made a vets in our role play area and have been enjoying discussing our pets and favourite animals.

We will be enjoying a range of stories all about animals and will be finding out animal facts in non fiction books.

Over the next few weeks we will be writing stories with a beginning, middle and end in literacy. 

This term in maths our focus is addition and subtraction .