Welcome to our School Council 2017/18!


We believe the children should have a say in their own schooling and therefore we have a ‘School Council’ representing children from Reception to Year 4. 

These children represent their peers and meet with the Headteacher regularly to share their ideas and suggestions on how to further improve the school.  The children are voted into their position by their peers. The children are given special badges and have their own display within the school to value their contributions.



The school councils recent suggestions have resulted in:

  • Seats for the adventure playground,
  • Playground markings and chalkboards in the playground,
  • A new bike shelter,
  • Helping to design a Forest School Area,
  • Introducing a Golden Time Event each half term,
  • Summer fair stall enterprise and much more! 

 Plans for 2017-18

  • 'Golden Mile' markings for the playground - Completed February 2018!
  • A new 'library suite'
  • Golden Time special events
  • Storage for 'Huff N Puff' in the playground


 Our bike shelter!  Our seating area!  Our enterprise stall!