Parent and Family Support and Advice


Dear Parents and Carers,
We would like to introduce ourselves to parents and families of Axbridge Church of England First School Academy as the Wessex Learning Trust's Parent and Family Support Advice Team. As Parent and Family Support Advisers (PFSAs) we act as impartial professionals, working with pupils, their parents or carers, to support children and families, enabling them to succeed in education.
Families can face difficulties during their child or children’s education. Likewise, families can be confronted with challenging periods during a child's life and the role of a PFSA is to be there to listen, advise and support you when you need it.

Jo's Biography
I have worked for the past ten years in further education and secondary schools, both lecturing and in a welfare support capacity. I have worked across North Somerset with hard to reach young people, affected by deprivation. Through this and my experience in youth work, I feel I am competent to offer the WLT families support and advice to give their children aspirations and a brighter educational experience. I am a parent myself and local to Somerset, so have a good understanding of the frustrations parents can face. I am excited to be joining the WLT this year, and look forward to supporting the families within it.

Tamsin's Biography
I joined the WLT in September 2016, and have had the privilege to work with some very engaging families and pupils during the last academic year. I am excited to be able to provide support and advice to more families this year. Prior to joining the WLT, I have been extremely fortunate to have had 11 years' experience, across the health and social care sector: with both adults and young people. I have obtained a plethora of knowledge of working with families and children, mentoring young people, implementing challenging behaviour strategies plus an excellent professional understanding of adolescent and adult mental health. In addition to my professional experience, I attended the local schools: Lympsham C of E First School, Hugh Sexeys C of E Middle School and Kings of Wessex Community School. Most importantly, I am a parent myself, so have and continue to have firsthand experience of the delights and challenges parenthood and family life brings.

You may hear your children talk about us popping into Axbridge First School from time to time, as we work across the Wessex Learning Trust. We like to keep in regular contact with all the schools, so pupils see us as a part of the school community.
Finally, if you need support, or you know of someone that may need some support or advice from the PFSA team, your school office will be able to give the relevant information to get in touch.

Very best wishes,

Jo Last and Tamsin Southby

Your WLT Parent and Family Support Advisors