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Axbridge C of E First School Academy

Our Whole School Curriculum

'The Root, Branch and Blossom Curriculum'

Please see our Our Root, Branch and Blossom Curriculum Policy

Please see: Guide for Parents: National Curriculum 2014

Please see: Foundation Stage Early Years Outcomes 

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Our Curriculum Implementation and Overviews

We deliver a 'whole school curriculum', meaning all children are exposed to the same topic, but at an age-appropriate level. This is updated regularly and further information can be found below.

 Further detailed medium term plans are created by the Curriculum leader, which detail the progression of skills and learning opportunities for each subject area. English Medium Term plans are skilfully designed to maximise cross-curricular learning opportunities. and provide meaningful learning links.

An example of the Curriculum Medium Term plans can be found here

An example of the English Medium Term plans can be found here

Achieve Well, Aim High, Have Fun - Curriculum

Subject Overviews

We are proud of our curriculum approach and delivery, with our subject leaders providing a detailed breakdown of our approach to, and delivery of, each subject area.



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Progression of Skills

During their time at Axbridge C of E First School Academy, all pupils need to develop a broad range of skills across all curriculum areas.  To ensure that learning is targeted at the appropriate challenge level, skills progression documents are used.

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The Root, Branch and Blossom Curriculum - Bringing Learning to Life.

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We are proud to be using Twinkl Phonics at Axbridge, which brings early reading to life through its fun, visual and fully immersive offer.

Discover more about Twinkl Phonics by clicking on the image below.

Primary Resources - KS2, KS1, Early Years (EYFS) KS3, KS4, Twinkl    

Information evenings school workshops take place regularly, along with guides being sent out and shared with our families. 

Please download the school app for further updates.

Rhino Readers - Phonics-led reading scheme collection of books

Rhino Readers provide the core reading offer from Phases 2-6. This is supplemented by Schofield and Sims, Ransom Reading Stars and Oxford Reading Tree. Class teachers may also allocate books digitally, using the Rhino Reader App. As children progress beyond Level 6c from the Rhino Readers, they then access the National Book Banding system and move from White through to Dark Blue. This selection draws upon a wider range of publishers and ensures our pupils are exposed to a great variety and breadth of books. Our Reading Reward System celebrates the commitment towards reading, with children able to achieve Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum badges throughout the year. These are displayed in all classes to celebrate our reading achievements collectively.

. Children also have access to class library books, as part of our Reading Offer, which is aimed to ensure our pupils also 'Read for Pleasure' as often as they can. 

Please read our 'Reading Offer' and how we ensure reading is at the heart of our curriculum.

Axbridge Reading Offer

Project X Alien Adventures | Oxford Owl Collins Big Cat Reading: Buy educational workbooks, dictionaries, posters, reading books,  homework books, school books, textbooks and more for teachers, parents or  retailers for schools or home education online at Schofield and Sims -  helping Rhino Readers - Phonics-led reading scheme collection of books